Ideas and Dandelions

I think ideas and innovations from people are like the dandelion seed; they’re in abundance, but very few get to germinate and grow into something tangible and real, they get stuck in the cracks, lost and hidden away from the light of day and just die.

A blog is a way to give those seeds of innovation a chance to survive and grow and be shared, so they will live and thrive and maybe die, but at least they were given a chance.

I like video games

I think one of the greatest challenges an individual is faced with in life is discovering one’s passion, purpose, how to be happy.

I think happiness is found when you are doing work that is meaningful to you, helpful to others and is contributing in a positive way to others.

I believe every human has a unique talent and can help the development of humankind in a positive and fulfilling way.

First one must be able to recognize their talents and passions to realize them.

I feel the problem lies where a vast majority of us struggle to identify clearly what this passion and talent is. Without any real help or practical guidance early in life, this leaves one with no choice but to fit into our societies status quo way of life and hope that one day you will find your calling.

The problem with this, I believe, is that in the wrong environment one isn’t able to discover their true passion, their purpose in life, so they get stuck, frustrated, angry, depressed with their life and as a result unproductive, unhappy and benign.

What can I do? What can we do to change this?

I believe as a child and young adult, the important thing to do is to expose them to as many different positive skills as we can because a child and teenager generally are not clear about what they love doing because they have not had a varied range of experiences.

For example, the child who plays video games watches TV but isn’t exposed to any other experiences of course when you ask a child or teen what do they like doing they are going to say “Playing video games”.

What if they were exposed to different things like:

  • Sports
  • Crafts
  • Outdoors activities
  • Science
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental work
  • Humanitarian work
  • etc

Then you sat the child or teen down and asked them what they love to do. I think the answer may very well be something else other than playing video games or maybe not. At least they had options.

Day 126 – WordPress Custom Theme

JavaScript has been a challenge, but I have started applying what I have learned so far to building a custom WordPress theme from scratch. The main reason I am studying Web Development is that I want to delve deeper into developing custom WordPress sites, templates, and plugins.

I had always loved WordPress and had built websites with it before however my limits were reached when I wanted to get into more under the hood custom development, and now I have finally taken my first step into discovering what is required to build a theme from scratch.
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Day 117 – JS Functions

JS Functions – The fundamental building block

This section took a litle more time as I have to go back to some earlier training to get my head back around how JS works. It didn’t take long for what I had learned previously to disappear from my mind.

So here’s what I learned…

Functions are just re-usable bits of code. It’s a two step process you must declare it then call it. You can put as many lines of code you want inside the curly braces of a Function.


You must declare them first:
function doSomething() {
console.log(“Hello World”);

Then call it:


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